Dental Surgery

Our experienced team at Reynolds Family Dentistry are able to perform many routine oral surgeries from the convenience of our location. Whether its an extraction or an implant, we put the patient’s experience first before beginning every procedure.


Sometimes a tooth simply cannot be repaired due to disease or overcrowding. As a result, if a patient is experiencing pain, additional decay or a shift in alignment, an extraction of the tooth in question may be recommended.

Tooth Implants

After the loss of a tooth, an implant can offer a more permanent solution by replacing the tooth’s root with an artificial one that is surgically attached to the bone and surrounding tissue. A crown is then placed atop the implant so that the implant blends in well with the look and feel of the rest of the patient’s teeth. Once securely in place, an implant provides both functionality and comfort.

Gum Surgery

Gum surgery may be needed to treat conditions ranging from gingivitis to periodontitis as well as to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth.

Lengthening the crown by removing overgrown gum tissue, for example, can help treat diseased gums as well as increase the amount of tooth shown. However, surgery is usually required to remove bacteria and fight an infection in the gums. In this case, gums are folded back and then resecured to the tooth sometimes with the aid of grafts to promote the growth of healthy tissue